My name is Adrian and welcome to my website. I am a seasoned and experienced designer, marketer and publisher who works in Branding and Marketing. I am driven by my passion for the creative, and specialize in developing ideas from brainstorms to professional and well-designed end products. I currently run Branding and Marketing for companies such as DigitalRez/RezExpert and Campfire Travel.

I have been involved in the building and rebuilding of websites, designing marketing material such as flyers and newspaper spreads for feature in the Woodall’s Campground Management publication, branding such as logos and templates, an E-Magazine monthly series called Campfire Travel and also the marketing of said companies. I am also a freelance designer and have produced work for many clients ranging from business cards, board games, logos, book covers, stickers and websites, just to name a few. I am also the publisher of the book Relationship Observations by an Alert and Attentive Dude That Has a Lot of Time on His Hands and I'm Running out of Spac... I plan to release at least 6 more volumes of the Observation series within the year. 

Inside are examples of my work done over the years. Feel free to contact me. Hopefully we can work together. 

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